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Things are a CHANG'IN!


  • Things are a CHANG'IN!

    Hello all,
    We at Dead One Customs have, like many others this year, experienced some of the toughest times ever. ie: Unbelievable Shipment Delays, Low or No Distributor Inventory and every supply chain item that you can name. Everything is short on inventory and being delayed.
    Presently this country is in shambles, imo. Hell, we're still waiting on 2 different battery orders, placed in May of 2022.
    I do apologize to our customers. But all of this is still and has been completely out of our control. And I know,.. everyone wants what you want, when you want it!

    However,... to try and help counter all of these negative issues. Dead One Customs has been and will be implementing some very, very big changes in the next coming months! We are in the process of interviewing more personnel, so that we can better fulfil orders, and actually expand our offered services base. And we have MUCH more to come in the future months! We will be posting UPDATES on these improvement(s). We believe that these changes will only help counter and/or eliminate the present day delays & supply chain issues and/or problems!

    We do very much appreciate everyone's patience during these trying times.

    But we want to assure you that we are on top of this and are very excited about "all" of the future changes to come! Just a small sample of the new things we have implemented and are presently working on are: a FB "Group Page" called Big Dog Motorcycles USA. We have also re-opened our stand-alone forum at
    Please ENJOY socializing w/ all of the other BDM owners and enthusiasts!

    Thank You, Jeff (aka TheDeadOne) at Dead One Customs.

    "Don't Hide 'em, Ride 'em, Then Do It Again Tomorrow!"

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    Sorry! But due to everything going on here. I really do not have too much time to post the things I have on my mind for the future.
    Please feel free to post up whatever you wish. And I'll try to answer it,... if needed, when I get a chance.

    Thanks, Jeff (aka TheDeadOne) at Dead One Customs

    "Don't Hide 'em, Ride 'em, Then Do It Again Tomorrow!"